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Family and work

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Case of illness

If you become so ill that you cannot do your job, a visit to the doctor is unavoidable. Your doctor will give you a certificate of incapacity to work. You must send this to your employer in writing within three working days. However, you are obliged to inform your employer immediately of any incapacity to work and the expected duration, i.e. preferably before starting work. If you do not notify your employer as soon as possible, you risk a warning.

In principle, you are entitled to continued payment of wages by the employer for up to six weeks during an illness. Following this, your health insurance company will usually pay a reduced rate of sick pay.

There are also regulations for the case of a sick child. For example, if your child is so ill that he or she has to stay at home, you are entitled to time off from work. Here, too, a corresponding letter from the attending doctor is required. Each parent may take ten days off a year to care for his or her sick child. If there are more than two children, the maximum is 25 days. Single parents are entitled to twice as many days.

It is best to ask your colleagues or superiors how to proceed in such a case before you become ill. Most employers are very understanding and helpful in ensuring that employees do not fall ill in the first place or recover quickly and are fit for work again in the event of illness.

Questions and answers

Can incapacity for work lead to termination?

Inability to work can lead to termination. Inability to work is a classic reason for dismissal. If it is no longer reasonable for an employer to employ someone, he can therefore pronounce a termination. However, courts usually do not see this limit reached until the worker has been unable to work for more than six weeks a year for three consecutive years.



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