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Family and work (3/11/2021)

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The video to the text - case of illness

Questions and answers

Inability to work can lead to termination. Inability to work is a classic reason for dismissal. If it is no longer reasonable for an employer to employ someone, he can therefore pronounce a termination. However, courts usually do not see this limit reached until the worker has been unable to work for more than six weeks a year for three consecutive years.



Disability certificate general information

Small note - but of great importance

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Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayern - www.kvb.de

Current case law on holidays and leisure compensation

What happens when employees have holidays or overtime free and then fall ill: How do these times count in? Does wages have to be paid for these times?

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Federal Association of private social services e. V. - www.bpa.de

Mentally ill in the job (extensive brochure)

Understand. Prevent. Recognize. Coping.

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BKK Umbrella Association - www.bkk-dachverband.de

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Legal information regarding the correct insult

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