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Being part of a family always means also being there for each other and taking responsibility for others. This is especially true when a family member suddenly and unexpectedly comes into the situation of need for care. Therefore, the appropriate preparation and care is essential in order not to get into situational overstrain.

In order to master the balancing act between a dependent relative and profession in such situations, it is very important to pay attention to a few things. To maintain your mental and physical health and relieve you as best you can, employers and you as an employee can do something specifically. There are some ways and means that do not necessarily cost a lot of time or money, but are still very effective.

For example, do you care about a family member who needs care or medical attention at times or full-time? Did you have to put your job back because of caring for a relative and are now in financial constraints? Or do you simply want to provide for one of the situations described above? In this category you will find thematically sorted aids and direct contacts.

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