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The corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) has spread very rapidly worldwide in a short period of time. Unfortunately, the resulting disease COVID-19 has already cost many lives. This pandemic must therefore be urgently contained with united forces.

The virus initially broke out in China, where more than 80,000 people were infected by the end of March 2020. In the meantime, the WHO has classified the novel virus as a pandemic. The corona virus is transmitted from person to person. One of the main transmission pathways appears to be droplet infection. This happens when droplets containing the virus reach the mucous membranes or respiratory tract. Whether the smear infection via the hands plays a role has not yet been conclusively clarified.

The symptoms of the disease are often cough and fever, and sore throats have also been reported. Severe courses of the disease can lead to respiratory problems, pneumonia with lung failure and death. In risk groups, severe progression of the disease may occur. Elderly people over 50 years of age, people with previous diseases of the respiratory tract, heart and diabetes and also smokers are among the risk groups.

Many protective measures have been taken to contain the rapid spread of the virus and the danger of the disease. Anyone who does not comply with the associated rules must expect severe penalties.


corona 4881364 - CC0 Pixabay


corona 4881364 - CC0 Pixabay