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emergencies can always occur and no one is protected from them. In addition to serious injuries, these can also be life-threatening acute illnesses. In the event of life-threatening emergencies, call the ambulance service on the general emergency number 112 or call an emergency doctor via the emergency medical service 1 92 92.

But also bad situations in everyday life, such as violent attacks by one's own partner, represent an emergency situation. We often do not know how to cope with this new situation. Medical or other emergencies in the personal and family environment are situations that require rapid response. Necessary, directly available information is a prerequisite for a quick solution to the problem.

It is important that both those affected and relatives or other persons involved receive the best possible treatment and help. This should be independent of the acute emergency or the resulting follow-up treatment. Many consequences and burdens from emergencies can be avoided or at least made more bearable with the help of verified and quickly available information.

This category provides information on the most diverse forms of emergencies. We have compiled tips and checklists on how to behave or prepare for them correctly in such cases. Another basis here is provided by current and correct contact persons, contact addresses and emergency telephone numbers.

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first aid 1882053 - aebopleidingen, CC0


first aid 1882053 - aebopleidingen, CC0