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End of life

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The end of a life, whether their own or a loved ones is a tragic event. All too often, the emotional strain here is due to a real, logistical and financial stress. However, with appropriate preparation and early information, this additional tension and strain can be countered.

You can't prepare for death. This statement is certainly true for the emotional level. The death or one human being and the resulting consequences, however, represent an additional burden that man can quite can prepare previously.  In addition the legal and financial aspects, there are aldo many, and sometimes unexpected, administrative task.

In this category you will find relevant and helpful summarized information which that you must be considered before and after your death, but also the death of another person. You will find tips on formalities to be completed, rules and contact addresses on helpful companies and organisations.

Bild von der Hauptkategorie Lebensende


mourning - grealt, CC0


mourning - grealt, CC0