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Family and work

For more family friendliness in Saxony

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When it comes to reconciling family and career, the phrase "family or career - both are not possible" is unfortunately still present in the minds of many people. This view is outdated. Nowadays, employers can do a lot to help their employees find the right balance between family and career. Many employers even prefer employees with family ties, as they are less inclined to follow the trend of fast-moving lives and frequent job changes. In many companies, it is often the lack of knowledge about opportunities, rights and obligations or the lack of acceptance that makes it difficult for employees to reconcile work and family.

Today we need family-friendly employers, regulated childcare and financial security. Appropriate working hours are important here. As a person with a family, an emergency can quickly occur, or you have an urgent appointment that cannot be postponed. Equally important are individual help and support. We help you to take the right step by providing you with relevant, reliable and necessary information.

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