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Part-time training is there to enable you to successfully complete a dual education, although you may have to look after children or relatives in need of care. With part-time training, you can stay in the job and at least partially get your training allowance paid.
At the moment there are 2 variants:

  • Part-time without extending the training period: You must work at least 25 hours a week, including vocational school.
  • Part-time with extension of the training period: You must work at least 20 hours per week including vocational school. The training period is extended by a maximum of one year.
  • Medical certificate of health suitability (available from your family doctor)
  • May be a Criminal record certificate
  • Tax identification number (available via through federal Central tax office)
  • Date of birth and religious affiliation (important because the church tax)
  • Member's certificate of health insurance
  • Bank account
  • School graduation certificate
  • Employment tax card
  • Certificates, certificates of completed courses and sports activities, volunteer work etc.

Salaries fluctuate zz. Between 269 € and 1,072 €. It depends entirely on the apprenticeship profession. But the difference in salaries is also large between the old and new federal states. The amount of the training allowance is in the apprenticeship contract and increases in the following years of training. The best way to find out how high your industry is is the training allowance.

BAB Berufsausbildungsbeihilfe is paid on application if the training salary is insufficient. The amount depends on the earnings of the parents or partner. Schüler-BAföG can be applied for during school-based training and the amount also depends on the earnings of the parents or partner. An application must be submitted to the responsible Office for Educational Assistance. Housing benefit can be applied for if there is no entitlement to an AOD to finance the rent. For this purpose, the applicant must be of legal age. You must prove that you no longer live with your parents and that you have to pay your rent on your own. Child benefit is paid to parents until the child reaches the age of 25. You are entitled to this money if you no longer live at home. A scholarship is an option if you want to study abroad. A lot of initiative is required here. There are state, private and international scholarship programmes. An educational loan is granted by KfW and is intended for trainees who are about to complete their training, or to be more precise, max. 24 months before completion. They must be at least 18 and a maximum of 36 years old to receive the loan. The loan is flexibly adjustable, independent of your own income and the income of your parents.

The trial period is at the beginning of an apprenticeship and serves to get to know the apprenticeship and the training company. It lasts at least one month and a maximum of four. During this time, both the trainee and the training company may terminate the apprenticeship without giving any reasons. An exception here are only pregnant women and people with a disability, who can object to a termination. When the probationary period is over, you get more rights, for example, protection against dismissal.

Basically you must not constantly assume tasks which have nothing to do with your education. However, if you feel you mainly being used for relief work, you should first look for a dialogue with the Works Council. So you can clarify whether your impression is right. Then you can talk to the boss. Ask for a training plan, if not yet available.

Basically, according to employment law, overtime for apprentices is voluntary. If you are of legal age, the regular working day (eight hours) may be extended by two hours in exceptional cases. If you are under the age of 18 and no adult employee available, you are allowed to work overtime in exceptional cases. However, your employer must compensate you within three weeks, i.e. You are allowed to end the working day earlier.

You can apply in writing to your employer at the desired time vacation. The holiday is only approved if the employer agrees. Therefore, the sooner you submit the application the better. It makes sense to take the holidays in the vocational school holidays, as there is also compulsory schooling during your vacation.

Upon receipt of a warning, it is advisable to let a night pass over it first. Then you ask yourself the question: authorized? Perhaps, in order to answer the question, you will be addressing an outside person who is able to assess the facts you have been accused of objectively and who can give you advice. While it is not easy to see his mistake, it is even harder to admit it. But you can learn from mistakes. At justified reminder, it's good to apologise to the boss and make it clear that you have learned from the situation. However, if you think the warning was unjustified, seek the factual conversation with your boss. If that does not lead to the withdrawal of the warning, summarize in writing all the arguments that speak against your warning. This counter-notification is to be attached to your personnel file, so that later bosses take note not only of the warning, but also of your presentation of events.



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