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Family and work (3/11/2021)

For more family friendliness in Saxony

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IT helps gGmbH is a non-profit company which was founded with the clear goal to have IT to support projects and operate primarily socially-oriented character. As the name suggests the gGmbH already, the focus in helping. For example, on projects that improve everyday life or individual aspects of life. Profit orientation, prestige, or even political influences are irrelevant here. Because solutions are usually only which are equipped with the financial resources available.
Solutions are often only then created by economic and management if they have concluded the profits or savings. It is an expression of justice if we let the weaker members of society benefit from digitization. Our vision is a piece to make the world better solutions, with good IT. These solutions will be accessible free of charge for all. Want to here IT helps apply by creating solutions that take advantage of the weaker of the society and help.

The Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH, also known as HeiReS, offers its customers the best of the worlds of usability, user interface design and development, specializing in Microsoft technologies. The company's portfolio include concept and design of modern user interfaces in blend, prototyping and development of desktop applications and universal apps for mobile devices with proven expertise in XAML and c#.

The HeiReS team, headed by Managing Director Lars Heinrich and Peggy Reuter-Heinrich, technology and design in the Microsoft environment is regarded as recognized experts in the field. Every client and every project benefits from many years of experience at HeiReS. In numerous customer projects, as coach usability, UI design and development as well as established speakers at conferences and writers for publications, this competence was acquired.


Current brochure of Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH

In the current brochure of the promoter Henry & Reuter Solutions GmbH, you can get a good picture of the IT professional behind it. The project of family and profession is being implemented with the in-house system ConDiSys. In addition to the project, HeiReS developed another free solution to support in the area of skills shortage: the welcome-app-Germany with a focus on foreign professionals.

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Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH - www.heires.net

Current brochure of IT hilft gGmbH

In the current brochure of the non-profit sister company IT helps gGmbH you can get a good picture of the intention of IT projects, as well as the effect on the society helps gGmbH, gain. The project of family and work with just one of several projects. It is located under the charitable purpose of promoting equal opportunities for the disadvantaged. In addition to this project operates and spread IT helps gGmbH another free solution to support in the area of chance boost: the welcome -  app - Germany with a focus on foreign residents and migrants.

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IT hilft gGmbH - www.it-hilft.de

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