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Family and work

For more family friendliness in Saxony

Accessibility statement

Quality of content

When a person is in the tension between family and work, he has little time and needs immediately concentrated and comfortable everything at hand. Therefore, after extensive research work, we have gathered the essence here. We have deliberately formulated the content in plain language. This way they are accessible to everyone and easily translatable. Our goal is a barrier-free and multilingual IT solution. This is made available as required on a wide range of platforms as software, mobile app and as a website. The content is user-friendly and appealing. We want to combine valuable information with local contacts. In addition, we also want to offer small tools over time, so that the platform can become a constant helping companion for all people in the field of tension between family and work.

Many social enterprises, public authorities, associations and associations are committed to a better work-life balance. In most cases, however, only parts of the large topic are covered. Information from different angles and sub-areas is already available in a variety of ways, whether in the form of brochures or websites. Valuable work has been done here by qualified bodies. As a sign of the reliability of the information, the sources are also mentioned here. Visit the websites or contact your partner.

Questions and answers

What is ordered to the quality of the content of this platform?

We include the sources of our texts as a link in the address list. The texts have been reformulated user-friendly based on these good sources of us. We have placed also value on simple language and translatability in other languages. The contents were also controlled by experts in various fields.

On the subject of family and work, there are already many offers on the Internet. Some things are also very good and helpful. Unfortunately, the content is widely dispersed. Nothing banded is there, covering all topics related to family and work. Some things are too complicated, some things too simple. Other is very outdated or only available locally. And again, there is much to come only as printed brochures. We want to change that.



Folder to family and work

Our brochure on the family and work project informs companies, authorities and social partners about the project. We are happy to send you the brochures free of charge on request.

Project Family and work - www.familie-und-beruf.online

Current short presentation to the project of family and work

Here you get a good overview of the family-and-occupation project. In addition to the current state a preview at our planning will be shown.

Project for family and work - www.familie-und-beruf.online

Helpful Links

The video explains the solution to family and work with the help of sketchy pictures, speakers and subtitles.

Here you will find updates and information about the project for work and work. There you will also learn more about active participation.