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Family and work

For more family friendliness in Saxony

Accessibility statement

Partner companies

The companies listed here are cooperation partners. Some of them are very active in the co-design of the platform. This makes the benefits for companies and their employees particularly high-in the sense of maximum family-friendliness. We look forward to welcoming as many and diverse companies as possible as cooperation partners for a better reconciliation of family and work here. Cooperation or participation is free of charge and is only at your request. However, we ask for a little commitment from you. This brings you as a company the benefit of being perceived as a family-friendly company through our platform.

Questions and answers

Is it possible to cooperate outside Dresden?

For now, we will host the platform for reconciling family and work for Dresden-especially as far as local contacts are concerned. In the first stage of expansion, it is therefore reserved for Dresden companies. But soon a version for Saxony is being targeted. Our grand vision is a version for Germany as a whole so that everyone can participate.

If you are a company in Dresden, we would be very pleased if you would like to participate as a cooperation company. Please give us a call or write to us. Since we ourselves are a Dresden company, we can even exchange information directly on site. Simply go through the steps mentioned in the checklist and take advantage of the full benefits for yourself as a Dresden company.



Current short presentation to the project of family and work

Here you get a good overview of the family-and-occupation project. In addition to the current state a preview at our planning will be shown.

Project Family and work - www.familie-und-beruf.online

Folder to family and work

Our brochure on the family and work project informs companies, authorities and social partners about the project. We are happy to send you the brochures free of charge on request.

Project Family and work - www.familie-und-beruf.online

Helpful Links

The video explains the solution to family and work with the help of sketchy pictures, speakers and subtitles.

Here you will find updates and information about the project for work and work. There you will also learn more about active participation.


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Heinrich & Reuter Solutions GmbH

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VISIOTAX Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

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Daniela Kreissig - Coach für Unternehmer/innen

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