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Family and work (3/11/2021)

For more family friendliness in Saxony

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Housing benefit is a subsidy for rent and heating costs. You can apply for this if your income is low. Housing benefit is only granted if no family member is already entitled to unemployment benefit 2. This also applies to benefits under the Vocational Training Assistance Act (BAföG) or the Vocational Training Act (BBiG).



Application form for housing benefits

Tenants of residential space or owners of residential space can apply for a subsidy towards their housing expenses. The co-payment is income-dependent and only applies to people on low incomes.
To send to: Stadt Dresden, Abt. Wohngeld

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https://amt24.Sachsen.de (Amt24 Government form service of the Federal State Saxony)

Change of income tax class of spouses or life partners (not permanently separated)

Life or spouses who are resident in the country, do not live permanently separated and receive both wages can, upon joint application, choose the combination III/V or instead the so-called factor method (IV/IV with factor) instead of the tax class combination IV/IV.
Complete the form and send it to: Tax office Dresden-Süd or Nord

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ETL AG tax consulting company - www.lohnsteuer.de

Application for unemployment benefit II

Every person aged 15 and up to a fixed limit between 65 and 67 who is able to work has the right to this basic security benefit if they are in need of it. Please send the completed and signed application to your job centre.

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Bundesagentur für Arbeit - www.arbeitsagentur.de

Helpful Links

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Information on financial assistance - Federal Employment Agency

Information on unemployment benefits I and II and other financial assistance.

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How to apply for unemployment benefit II - Bundesagentur für Arbeit

If you cannot make a living from income, unemployment benefit or your assets, you can apply for unemployment benefit II (Alg II).

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Articles about services provided by the State - focus

The magazine Fokus provides detailed information on what benefits you and your family could receive from the state.

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What is my reasonable own burden? - taxfit.de

The reasonable own burden is a major tax hurdle. Once this individual limit has been exceeded, you can deduct certain expenses. Here you can find out what these are and how you can influence them.

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Financial assistance for families in Saxony - Amt24

In the life situation portal of Office 24 of the State of Saxony you will find a lot of information about financial assistance for families.

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