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Violence in the relationship

The key insight in mental or physical violence is that the victim bears no blame. On the contrary. Looking for help so promptly.

In some cases, it comes with a separation to the wars of the roses. In this case, mostly also no couples therapy helps. In case of emergency nothing else left one as the final demolition of the contact. If it comes to dangerous situations here quick help is needed and important. If you from your partner are threatened or physically attacked, you have many options. Then it only helps to leave the familiar environment and completely break off contact for the time being. Furthermore, there is the case of Stalkings, here is an urgent need for action.

Of course, the police as emergency aid is the first starting point. They can immediately and up to two weeks expel the life partner from the apartment and from your direct surroundings. In addition, she can take the key from the offender, take him into custody and secure items. While talking with the police, you can request for this separation. Furthermore, the police can give you contacts addresses to a women's, men's and child protection institution, intervention agencies, coordinating offices or to other helpers.

No matter whether in domestic violence or stalking can contact specific professionals or help phone. Both, you will receive information about the protection of victims and law enforcement, as well as contact specific facilities, such as for example intervention centres, counselling centres and women's shelters.

Questions and answers

What other legal ways are there?

You can report directly to the offender after the offence. Domestic violence involves many crimes. Some examples include assault, insult, threat, deprivation of liberty, sexual assault or stalking.

The first measures can be initiated immediately. But the process begins until the day on which the injured person submitted the application. However, in the case of acute danger, protective orders a can be requested in an urgent procedure.

If you feel threatened, you should immediately call the police emergency number 110 or the local police station. Take yourself and, if necessary, your children to a neighbour's home, for example, until the police arrive.

You can contact the help telephone 08000 116016 or get advice online. But there are also alternatives. These are specialist counselling centres for victims of domestic or sexualised violence. Intervention centres and women's or men's shelters also help. Alternatively, you can contact the local women's emergency hotline, anonymously if you wish.



Brochure: on your side

Information and assistance for supporters, friends and relatives of victims of domestic violence.

Women against violence e.V - www.frauen-gegen-gewalt.de

Helpful Links

Initial consultation on violence against women by Terres des Femmes, also by phone 030 - 40 50 46 99 30

What you should know about domestic violence.

Web page of the women against violence e.V. with lots of useful information on the subject of domestic violence.

On the subject portal Justice of the Saxon Ministry of Justice, Security, Taxes and Finance you will find many helpful information as well as direct contacts to the local district courts.