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Family and work (3/11/2021)

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Questions and answers

If you suspect that violence has been done to your child, you should contact professionals for further clarification and assistance. These specialists are counselling centres, the Youth Welfare Office, emergency telephones and the police.

In children, this term refers to the intended sexual act with or on children. This includes not only sex with children. Also actions with the intention to of sexually stimulating the perpetrators is part of it.

There are different reactions of children who have been victims of violence

  • Hurtful acts towards onse or others 
  • Withdrawal, fear of contact, lack of emotional detachment.
  • Strongly sexualised language.
  • Conspicuous playing on your own genitals
  • Power loss, abdominal pain, anorexia



Violence against children

A topic that is very often, unfortunately, kept in silent or not perceived. Learn the right way to handle the recommendations of medical professionals.

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Saxon National Medical Association- https://www.slaek.de/

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