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Blind people's allowance is a monthly benefit for blind people, which is called "compensation for disadvantages". It is used to pay for expenses caused by the disability (e.g. for a domestic help, to transfer texts in Braille or have them spoken on, to buy aids, etc.). Blindengeld is a voluntary benefit paid by the state in which you live. The amount varies greatly from state to state. The benefit amounts vary for minors and adults, for residents and those in need of care. In addition, only seven federal states pay the visual handicap allowance for severely visually impaired people.

The blind assistance is based on a federal law, the SGB XII. This support is dependent on income and assets - these must be disclosed.
The blind assistance is paid as a supplement to the state blind money, thus the financial support by the respective federal state. It is paid only on request starting from the month of the application. If certain limits are not exceeded with the income and fortune, the difference between blind assistance and Landesblindengeld is paid additionally.



Guide to law for blind and visually impaired people

The guidebook has compiled the most frequently asked questions in the legal field for visually impaired, blind and hearing-impaired as well as deaf-blind people.

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Deutscher Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband e.V. - www.dbsv.org

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