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Family and work (3/11/2021)

For more family friendliness in Saxony

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An old people's home accommodates old people permanently, cares for them and cares for them according to their needs. A difference between old people's homes and nursing homes is that you are also admitted to an old people's home if you do not have a proven need for care. Often seniors are becoming lonely in their own homes, especially after the death of the partner. This is countered in a targeted manner in an old people's home with joint activities. That, too, is a difference between the old people's home and the nursing home, since social activities are not part of the nursing homes core business.



In short: the MDK

Task areas and assignment of the MDK briefly summarized for you.

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Medical service of health insurance in ederal State of Saxony e. V. (MDK Sachsen) - www.mdk-sachsen.de

Checklist nursing home search

How to find a good nursing home

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Central Association for Consumer Information e.V. - www.krankenkassenzentrale.de

Consultation form for your health insurance

This form makes it easier for you to get in touch with your health insurance company. Your health insurance company should contact you within 48 hours.

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Care network Saxony - www.pflegenetz.sachsen.de

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Advice in the context of care - Center for quality of care

Find personal advice, advice phones and online advice in your area.

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Logo von Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Soziales und Verbraucherschutz

Care database of Saxony

Find all the care facilities in your area.

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Logo MDK Sachsen

Information portal of the medical services of health insurance companies - MDK

Many health insurance benefits depend on MDK assessments. Whether you are incapacitated for work, in need of care or in case of suspected treatment errors, here you will find important information on various MDK assessments

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How to recognize a good nursing home - care by relatives

The initiative Care by relatives provides detailed information on how a good nursing home can be seen. From checklists, price comparisons, quality criteria, environment, equipment to medical care, you will find everything essential.

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