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An addiction problem often already exists, long before direct consequences such as withdrawal symptoms, physical / nervous symptoms or for example a personality change must be present. If you have the feeling that you for example need to consume a certain substance in order to regain your daily life, you may already have developed an addiction or a tendency to it.

There is a central addiction counseling service in all major German cities and regions, operated by the city or a relief organization (e.g. Caritas). There you can first inform generally and anonymously. But you also get specific help and tips on possible medical and therapeutic measures. You will also get contact to local self-help groups there. The visit of an addiction counseling service should not be seen as a substitute for medical care.

The problem with an addiction is that the person concerned has to recognize his own problem. Except perhaps the expression of concern, little will help to the affected and make a difference. The offer of help certainly can be useful, but trying to impose this usually leads to a rejection or refusal attitude. Unfortunately, as an outsider, it is rarely possible to do more than give suggestions, expressing concern and asking about the possible problem. An exception is her, if the addict heads into acute health or personal danger. The best way to find out about options in such cases is with a local addiction counseling service.

Co-dependency is itself an addiction, it affects the people around an addicted person. Co-addicts try to help the sick person, protect him, warn, explain and justify the behaviour towards others. The main problem of co-dependency is that it makes life easier for the addict, and possibly worsens his addiction.


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